Virtual Reality as a learning tool

Noteworthy Apps in VR Jan 2018

What’s going on at MIT

  • Collaborative Learning Environments in VR

Overviews on VR

  • “From Augmented to Virtual Learning: Affordances of Different Mixes of Reality for Learning” – Eric’s upcoming talk 1/25/18
  • Clay Bavor, google’s vp of vr+ar, giving a display talk in june. One quote from it: “VR can take you anywhere. AR can bring anything to you.


Functionality/ Controls


Popular/ widely used

Creative / Art/ Music

Games of note


  • Fallout 4 VR is potentially worth mentioning, if only because it may be the highest grossing VR game so far (unsure).


Virtual field trips/ exploration

Virtual desktops



Social interaction

VR and robots



VR and Teacher education

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