Get up

and try today on for size and today might just let you move one step closer to wise feel each … More


Tuesday April 16 This morning we woke up and flew to Copenhagen. Copenhagen in similar enough to Amsterdam that it … More


Friday 4/12 Our flight was late into Copenhagen – apparently they forgot to load all of the bags onto the … More

Cloud cover

The Sun would shine clearly but It’s under cloud cover trying to climb over trying to break through the path … More


I told myself I’d get up with the sunrise I told myself I’d get up with the sun And I … More


The short eight minutes that it takes The sunlight to arrive at earth Transform the energetic waves From violent to … More

ELK talk – NARST

Here is a link to the talk I did on Eliciting Learner Knowledge (ELK) on Tuesday March 13th at 2:45-4:00pm. … More